International Traveller Luggage – Light and Durable Travel Bags to Fit Your Style

These days, traveling light is very important. Not only do you have a worry free travel but you save a lot of airplane fuel (if you are traveling by plane) which can save you a lot of money. When traveling light, it is important that you not only pack up light clothes and light items but you also need to use a luggage that is light too.The thing is that luggage sets can be very heavy on their own thus if you want to travel light, you need to have a luggage set that is also lightweight. If you are preparing for an important trip, buying a light luggage can be hard. However, if you read luggage reviews, it might just make your search a little bit easy.If you have been reading a lot of luggage reviews, by now you have encountered the brand called International Traveller Luggage. The question now is what does this brand got to do with your search for the best and lightest travel luggage set? The answer is everything!The International Traveller Luggage is considered as the world’s lightest luggage. Although you might have a lot of questions about the quality of the luggage, you will not need to worry since the company have been around for some time already thus you can be assured that they have a reputation of making lightweight luggage that are also very durable as well as very easy to store in the closet.Another great thing about the International Traveller Luggage is that they have innovative designs thus if you are looking for a luggage that are very trendy and hip, then you will be happy with this particular brand. On the other hand, this brand also creates classical designs that can fit your needs.The brand is popular for creating lightweight designs. Due to this, the company has created different collections that are based on its lightweight characteristics. For this reason, a lot of people have opted to choose it due to its convenience and style. In fact, there is nothing in the market that competes with the niche that this particular brand occupies.

9 Reasons Why You Should Experience International Travel Before You Die

‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read a few pages.’ The given line of Saint Augustine beautifully describes the reason for why you should experience international travel.Here is the list of the reasons that will motivate you to travel at least once before you die.1. A change from the boring monotonous life.Jobs, house, daily routine, kids, or relationships these could get monotonous and boring after some period of time. A trip around the world can be a perfect way to take a break and start afresh for the new challenges in life.2. Learn who you are.Traveling to a new place, new people, new culture, new language, new surroundings, new relations, new opportunities and new challenges will let you discover yourself in a true sense by forcing you out of your comfort zone into a new and refreshing perspective on things.If you don’t know where to start, check out how to plan a holiday trip abroad.3. Experience the adventure and thrill. No one looks back fondly on a trip to the dry-cleaner! But after successfully navigating the alleys of Marrakech, zippling over the jungle canopy in Peru, the dangerous and thrilling rides of Disneyland, the speedboat ride in New Zealand, scuba diving in Maldives or Jeeping out with the grazing animals in African jungle safari, you get a feel for what a real adventure is.4. For education.Who remembers the history of Europe, The French revolution, the geography and sociology of Asia? It’s impossible to remember all these unless you have seen or felt the proof with your own eyes. A trip around the world provides a better view of things like history, culture, economy, politics, and geography. Better than any text book could tell.Can you guess the place in the picture? Can you tell the reason behind its existence? Not without Google search. Visit this place and you will never forget even its minutest details!5. You will eat food like you never have.Ackee fried up with codfish, ginger beer, Jerk chicken, coconut massaman, Chocolate-chip cookies, Apple pie, Barbecue ribs, Lobster rolls, barbequed critters… oh it’s yummy! If you are a food lover traveling round the world is a special treat for your taste buds.6. To prove to yourself you can.If you’re the kind of person with large dreams, you are also the one who reach for new challenges. Simply by reading this article you’ve proven that you are! Just pack your bags and set the ball rolling!7. Oh no, it’s not expensive!You don’t need to live in a 5-star hotel or to eat in a big restaurant. There are various ways which will help you save your money before and during your trip. Choose off-season timing, book early to get good offers and discounts, stay in a hostel, eat like a local, take public transport or go for walking tours.All you have to do is plan early and start saving from this very moment.8. For great memories to be told to your grandchildren.What you felt while boarding the flight, the ticking sensation on landing in a whole new place, the adventurous trip you had, the food you tasted, the problems you ran into, the souvenir you brought back home. How will you share these with your grandchildren when you had experienced none?Oh, of course, the photos you take on your trip will be saved as a beautiful memory for you and your loved ones to see for your entire life. Learn how to take great holiday photos during the trip.9. Don’t worry the people back home will be in touch. If you are a kind of person who is avoiding the travel just because people will worry for you back home, the time has come to free you with the problem. Just get an international SIM card which offers network coverage in most of the countries around the globe and with cheaper call rates.’Once a year goes to some place you’ve never been before.’ – Dalai Lama.Oh yes, he is right! Happy travelling!