Quiz: Are You a Cultured International Traveler?

Foreign etiquette is key to a sophisticated traveler. How much do you know about the different cultures encountered in international travel? Q: When in North Africa or the Middle East what hand do you use to eat traditional meals?A: The right hand only. At traditional meals, the left hand is not used for eating.Q: In North Africa or the Middle East what part of your body do you not face toward another person?A: In some parts it is considered rude to face the soles of one’s feet toward other people.Q: What do you ask in a restaurant in Europe to see if they have already included the tip?A: Is service included? The tricky part is when a patron asks the waiter if the tip is included in the total and the waiter will say “no”. That’s because it’s true, there is no tip so he will say “no”. You don’t ask if the “tip” is included-ask instead if “service” is included. If you see “Service compris” on the menu, it means that the tip is included. Q: In Moscow, what should you not do with your hands? A: Don’t put your thumb between your first two fingers. It is a very rude gesture.Q: How many drinks are too many in Moscow?A: There is no such thing as too many. You should accept all alcohol and food that is offered to you when visiting friends, even if it is a lot. Refusing a drink or a toast is very poor etiquette. An open bottle must often be finished. You may end up drinking quite a bit.Q: What do you do when riding an escalator in Vienna?A: Stay on the right hand side so people may pass you on the left. There are signs everywhere stating this, and if you don’t listen you will find an annoyed person standing behind you.Q: When dining in China how should you rest your chopsticks?A: When not in use, chopsticks should be placed on the rest or horizontally at the side of a dish, not on top of the bowl and never standing up in the rice as this symbolizes death.Q: How serious is it to carry drugs, even prescription drugs in Indonesia?A: Drug offenses are a very serious matter in Indonesia. If you need prescription drugs or carry syringes for medical reasons, carry a copy of the prescription. Drug trafficking is punishable by death in Indonesia.Q: Is it polite to burp after a meal in Japan?A: Unlike in some other parts of East Asia, it is considered bad manner to burp.Q: How should you approach a businesswoman in Singapore?A: Exchange cards with respect (with both hands), and note who the other person is before pocketing the card. In relating to businesswomen, always avoid comments on her appearances, as Asian women tend to be more conservative. Never touch, hug or kiss a person of the opposite sex at a business meeting. This could be misread.Q: What should you not give as a gift to your host in China?A: Never give a clock, handkerchief, umbrella or white flowers, specifically chrysanthemums, as a gift, as all of these signify tears and/or death. Never give sharp objects such as knives or scissors as they would signify the cutting of a relationship.Travel Tips:- Check the weather before you go- Search www.cashunclaimed.com to see if you have unclaimed money owed to you that can add extra money to your travel budget.- Use travelers cheques. If they are lost or stolen they can usually be replaced within 24 hours, from virtually anywhere in the world by most banks, service establishments and by a large number of merchants- Do not leave valuable in your hotel room- Travel with great people and HAVE FUN!