Computer Education Career Preparation and Course Options

Professionals are needed to work with computers and computerized systems in order to help maintain business and personal computers. You can study for a career in computer education by enrolling in an accredited school or college. Training can be completed at various levels and areas of study. You can receive the accredited schooling you need to enter into a successful career by researching programs and enrolling in the one that meets your needs. Options range from a certificate level to a doctoral degree level in computer education allowing you to receive the training you desire.Educational options for computer education include obtaining an accredited certificate or degree. You can enroll in the program of your choice to earn a certificate, as well as an associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral level degree. The specialized area of study as well as the possible careers will depend on the level of education being pursued. Each level will require a certain amount of training. Certificate programs often require several weeks to one year and associate degree programs can be completed in two years. Bachelor degrees typically take four years of accredited training to earn. Master and doctoral level degrees can require an additional two to four years of training to obtain. You can enroll in the program that is right for you to begin the training process.Training will prepare you to work with a variety of computer systems while preparing you for the career you dream of. Specialized areas of study can include:Computer Information Science
Computer Programming
Computer Information Systems
Computer Science
Computer Technology
Database Technology
Software Engineering…and much more. Studying for a career in any of these areas will require that certain topics be studied. You can look forward to learning:
Systems Analysis
Visual BASIC
Computer Programming
Computer Repair and Maintenance
Program Development
Interface Design…and many other related subjects. Accredited schools and college that offer this type of training can prepare you for a successful career in computer education.There are numerous careers that can be entered once an accredited certificate or degree program has been completed. You can train to be a graphic designer, computer consultant, network administrator, system coordinator, project manager, programming supervisor, help desk operator, website developer, and other professions. Receiving the accredited educational training needed to seek careers like these can be done by choosing the level of education and specialized area of study that fits your needs. You can receive training in computer networking, web design and multimedia, communications, and more. You can begin the process by finding the program that’s right for you and requesting more information today.Accredited computer education schooling will help to give you the necessary skills and knowledge to enter into the profession you dream of. There are numerous agencies that are approved to fully accredit quality schools, colleges, and educational programs. The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training ( ) is one of theses agencies. You can receive the best education by pursuing a certificate or degree from an accredited programs. Start the process by finding a program and enrolling today.DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at 2010 – All rights reserved by

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How to Teach Ethics Education

The quality of life depends on the quality of who you are. What you actually become. It all boils down to how morally good and ethical a person is. So the question is how do we make every one become a good moral person? Since ancient times we recognize the importance of teaching moral values. We teach it the same way we teach math and science by providing the knowledge of good and bad. One very important factor that the world of education has still not completely woken up to, in spite of all these thousands of years of research, is that as there are two kinds of intelligences – regular and emotional – both require a different set of rules for education. Emotional intelligence education alters the actual physical infrastructure of the brain. Emotional intelligence education starts from the womb. And continues through hugs and kisses and a nurturing childhood environment. By the time the child is 6 years old the moral character traits are well set for the rest of the person’s life.So to really insure moral education we must learn how to educate the individual at the fetus and the child stage. Thus we must put together templates and manuals for future parents, current pregnant ones and those with little kids.Please consider the following:There was a king who was very troubled because his people were very poor. He did not know what to do. He heard of this kingdom where people were very prosperous and lived in mansions and even marble palaces. So he went to the king of this place and asked him how they were able to live like this. The king told him that it was very simple he just passed a building code which everyone in his kingdom had to follow. So our king came back and passed a law that everyone must build a marble palace!Now in his kingdom most could afford a straw hut, others could afford a log cabin. Still others could afford a cement mansion and a few could afford a marble palace. So the kings law went into effect and nothing changed. Just a few marble palaces came up. Except for the select few the rest were incapable of building marble palaces.It is the same when it comes to morality. We have moral laws and we expect everyone to follow them. We spend billions of dollars on crime prevention and containment yet nothing changes.The only way to change and reduce crime is by changing the physical quality of the brain that generates the moral compass of the individual. Thus ethics education means not just telling people what is good and what is bad. It is about creating the right moral infrastructure generating brain.The brain has four basic levels as follows:1) Premature brain – (I have quantified it as -2) Those stuck on this level have the moral values of a snake. In their mind they are everything and everyone else is nothing. They are above the law and everyone else is below the law. No amount of moral education is going to change them. Punishment is the only deterrence and even this they often ignore. Their physically brain is too far morally gone.2) Immature brain – (I have quantified it as -1). Those stuck on this level are corrupt. In their mind they deserve the best, by hook or by crook. Current ethics education will not change them much as their moral values are generated by an entrenched selfishness producing brain infrastructure. We have to wake up to the fact that we will have to change this brain infrastructure.3) Mature brain – (I have quantified it as +1). Those stuck at this level are driven by a trophy self image as in ‘I am the best’. This is the group that is the easiest to change. But not by the current way of moral education which practically amounts to pleading with people to do good. The trophy self image will have to be gotten rid of and replaced with a selfless self.4) Super mature brain – (I have quantified it as +2). The brain at this developed level already generates a selfless self so moral education is not required for this group.Just like a man with the resources of building a log cabin cannot become a marble palace owner; a man with a -2, -1. or even +1 brain can ever become morally +2. No amount of current ethics education can make a -2 brain generate a +2 brain power. The only way real moral values can take root is by making the brain +2. And this requires brain therapy more than anything else. It requires brain changing education. The sooner we wake up to this the faster we will create a morally healthy society. Current moral education amounts to like our local pastor telling us to live virtuous lives. We hear it and applaud it and then go back to our old ways.Notice how without exception all books on self help talk of ‘7/9 steps. There is just one goal/step as far as self help is concerned – become wise. Thus ethics education is more like self transformation education. It is more precisely about making ones self +2! It is more in line with self help education. Then again not like the current self help education. My main field of work is wisdom. And as philosophy is considered the love of wisdom which means one of the main goals of philosophy is to try to find out what is wisdom. Most experts on wisdom are still stuck where they define wisdom by its attributes and are still struggling to define wisdom.As the wisdom potential is there in every brain just like blood and as absence of wisdom means presence of ignorance (where actually there is a mixture of the two) so every life is affected by lack of wisdom, from individual to group to country, so the stakes are very high. In fact much of the present mess in the world today from the economic crisis to the problems of war can all be traced to lack of wisdom. So if I can wake up main stream education/science to the correct path to ethics education, I think my work will be done.Philosophy, religion and science in my view are much more connected then we realize! I have found that at the highest stage of the mind/brain development the quality of the character traits (as defined by religion, philosophy and science) of every person are all one and the same!!! Religion wants you to be altruistic, philosophy wants you to be wise/altruistic and science/education wants you to be emotionally super mature which is the same! So wisdom is the common thread in all of them. Thus we need philosophers, religious leaders and scientists/educationists all working together to create ethics education that transforms the brain to +2.